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Rental Terms and Conditions

1. vehicle

2. vehicle utilization

The client cannot make any changes in the vehicle, including publicity or extras without prior approval from the renter.

The client is the only person allowed to drive the vehicle and is responsible for the utilization of it only by the persons identified in the specific conditions.

The client can only use the vehicle within Portugal.The client cannot use the vehicle in the following situations:
The client is forbidden to sub rent, loan or sell totally or partially the rights of the present contract without previous approval of the renter.

The client assumes the obligation of keeping the car closed and let not any of its documents inside.

The client is responsible to pay an indemnity to the renter in the case of total destruction or damage of the car documents.

3. rental extension

The rental agreement ends in the day determined in the specific conditions.

Should the renter wishes to extend the contract, the renter must be informed 24 hours in advance.

In the case of extension the lack of payment of any of the amounts due determines the immediate termination of the contract.

In the case that the renter doesn’t agree with the extension, the contract matures immediately and the car should be returned back in the date stated in the specific conditions.

4. maintenance and repair of the vehicle

Should the client notice any problem with the condition of the vehicle, is committed to stop it and contact the rental station immediately.

In the case of immobilization the repairs can only be done with approval of the renter.

Any costs with transportation of the car due to wrong utilization by the client are of the responsibility of the client.

5. insurance

The client can contract the following coverages:
In the case of accident the client must observe the following procedures:
In the case of accident or theft the client is responsible for the deductible stated in the specific conditions of the contract.

The deductible can be reduced through the acceptance of the Super CDW or CDW as per above.

Only the client or the drivers identified in the specific conditions of the contract might subscribe the coverages stated above.

The client is not exempt of the full deductible, even if Super CDW or CDW has been subscribed, if the damages are caused by the utilization of the vehicle under the conditions stated in point 2 above.

The vehicle is covered by the insurance and deductible exemptions during the period of the contract, except if there is an extension of the contract with the subscription of the insurances by the client for the new period.

6. payments

The client is responsible for the payment of the contract, namely:
Invoices in overdue and the interests due for late payment calculated at the maximum legal interest rate stated by the Portuguese law.
In the case of accident the client is responsible for the payment of 30 Euros for administrative expenses.
The client for guarantee of the obligations emerged by the present contract should leave a deposit for the amount stated in the specific conditions.
The above deposit can be done in cash, check or debit in credit card.
The client authorizes the renter to debit the credit card for the amount of the deposit and other amounts due by the client.

7. fines

It is always the client’s responsibility for all and any fines that may occur during the period of rental.

The client should pay a fee of 30 Euros for coverage of the administrative treatments that the renter incurs in the case of fines and associated identification.

The renter has in the vehicle a file with the vehicle documents. In the case of lost during the rental, the client has to pay 50 Euros for indemnity and to cover expenses of new documents requests. The client will be responsible for any fines while driving the car without documents.

8. litigation

In case of legal action the part the losses the quarrel is responsible for the payment of all legal costs, including lawyers and court.
Any legal dispute can only be settled by the competent jurisdiction of the Court of Maia and we reserve the right to decline any other Court.

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E-mail: cicap@cicap.pt
For more information: Portal do Consumidor www.consumidor.pt

9. information

The client recognizes that all the clauses of this contract were properly explained and thus subscribes the present contract.

10. personal data

The personal data of the client are mandatory for the celebration of the present contract.
The client authorizes the renter to process the data in its data base.
The data is used for identification of the client and drivers and will be used in the case of non-payment of the rental or appropriation of the vehicle.
The renter is the entity responsible for the treatment of the personal data of the client.
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Monday to Sunday from 08:00 am until 8:00 pm
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